Night 3 Icelandic Horse Riding

Our guide, Sara, (who was awesome!) drove us to a farm near the foot of Kebnekaise, Sweden’s highest mountain. When we arrived, wild moose were hopping the corral fence to steal hay.

We saddled and rode Icelandic horses (sturdy, furry, gentle, sure-footed—the horses, not us so much) into the wilderness. The temperature dropped, and the moon shone through the snow-covered trees. It was zen (book ideas flowing)! Afterwards, we headed to a traditional Sami kåta (a cozy round structure with a smoke vent for the roaring fire and reindeer skins lining the floor) to eat delicious moose stew, reindeer sausage, and fire warmed coffee. On the car ride back, we were inundated with northern lights!


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