Day 4 Dogsledding Overnight

This was our favorite part of the trip. 

We headed out from the Ice Hotel to the stunning Väkkärä Wilderness Lodge, right at the edge of a frozen lake. We caught the sunset on the way, arriving near dark. The sled path leading in was torch lit, and a fire awaited outside. After unharnessing the dogs, we drank warm spiced wine, relaxed on reindeer skins, and watched as other guests sledded in. Amazing food and company—I can’t recommend Fjellborg Arctic Adventures enough. 

Only downside: we didn’t want to leave the lodge, much less the dogs! I thought Swede was going to try to smuggle out one member from his team—Affe, a mischievous jokester who stole our gloves off our hands.

Born to run! These guys were so sweet and gentle, and raring to go

Quick Basics: I’m hooked and can’t wait to go again!

All Out: Swede wore a GoPro and let the dogs run wide open

The sled: bouncing through a tunnel

Howl at the moon: sled dogs baying at the rising full moon

More pics and videos to come . . .

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