The Game Maker Series

THE PLAYER, the final installment in the Game Maker Series is available now!

Series FAQs

If I like the Immortals After Dark Series, will I enjoy the Game Makers?

You betcha. This new series has the same intense love stories, the same family dynamics, the same alpha heroes and adventurous women. You’ll even see the same humor. We basically substituted extraordinary mortals for immortals and dialed up the sex a few hundred notches.

Are these books as hot as the Immortals After Dark?

Hotter. Ahem. Ever so much hotter!

How many books will there be in the Game Maker Series?




Series Trivia

  • The idea for Aleksandr Sevastyan from THE PROFESSIONAL, a Russian mafiya enforcer, came to me several years ago (incidentally, right around the same time I was introducing Russian vampires in my Immortals After Dark Series).
  • I outlined and fleshed out numerous scenes with Aleksandr and Natalie (the masquerade, for one). When each of their encounters turned out more provocative than the last, I grew worried about showing them to my editor. I’d been writing about vampires and demons, and all the sudden, I was going to pop up with: “BDSM, baby! Can you dig it?!” So I decided to sit on the pages.
  • I took some of those scenes and refashioned them for my 2009 release, KISS OF A DEMON KING. 
  • The book Natalie thinks about at the beginning of the masquerade scene is IF YOU DECEIVE, the last historical romance I wrote. The author with the weird first name is me ;) 

The Game Maker Series

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