FAQs for the Immortal After Dark Series

Why did you choose to set your IAD series in New Orleans?

Because I’d never heard of a paranormal series set in NOLA. Joking. Actually, I have a lot of ties to the Crescent City. I still have family there, and I grew up less than two hours away, so I spent a good deal of my childhood there. Some of my earliest memories are of Saints games and music and singing in the streets (not my singing—I’m not cruel).

I also chose New Orleans because an Immortal could blend in there. It occurred to me that Lore creatures could go about undetected on Bourbon Street as long as s/he were bipedal (and I’ve actually rethought that particular), because people go in costume all the time. So, as long as folks masquerade as otherworldly beings, then immortals can masquerade as humans masquerading.

Plus, if anyone saw something that appeared strange to them (like a Valkyrie swiftly ascending to a roof), they’d likely blame the booze. My friends and I have seen things there that absolutely couldn’t be right, but we simply chalked up any visual or auditory hallucinations to potent mixed drinks in plastic containers….

Sighting: three-eyed, talking alley cat.
Explanation: Hand Grenade.
Case closed.


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