Night 5 Sleeping in an ice room

Swede surprised me with a dream ice den, and the sight of it rattled my brain. 

First Look at Tolackuntur: ln Kunza (an extinct language once used in Northern Chile) “Tolackuntur” means “to gather”

Waking up

In the past when we’d booked this trip [we kept having to cancel 🙁 ] we always scheduled the “cold room” on the first night. I’m so glad we changed that up this year. By the time we settled into our thermals and arctic-rated sleeping bags, we were so beat from the week’s adventures that we passed right out. I only woke a few times—the first to remove my socks (I was too warm), and the rest to wish I hadn’t (it got chilly when I moved inside the bag). But all-in-all, it wasn’t bad.



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