Day 1

We decided to do the 1 bag carry-on challenge, so I stuffed waaaaay too much gear into a carry-on. Now we’re believers in the no-checked-bags program. When there were mechanical problems with the plane on our first leg, we were about to miss four later legs and be delayed a day, but were able to book a tight connection—because we only had carrry-ons. There was quite a bit of sprinting in Manchester and even more in Stockholm, yet we were able to make that last flight 800 miles north.


We landed in Kiruna 24 hours after leaving home, then drove to Jukkasjarvi and the Ice Hotel. Dinner was at the Old Homestead Restaurant—reindeer burgers and warm cloudberries over ice cream. Afterward we mosied to the Ice Hotel bar and ordered drinks served in ice glasses. Got a little confused when everyone started taking off their tops, then learned that was part of an amazing fundraiser for breast cancer research .

Sweden, you are never dull 🙂

Ice room pics to come …

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